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U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Guaranteed Rural Home Loans are creating homeownership opportunities throughout Maryland with No Money Down Financing in rural communities and areas just outside of major metro areas.

The USDA Rural Development Loan Program offers first time homebuyers and move-up buyers:
100% Financed Mortgage, No Money Down, $0 Down Payment
USDA Loans monthly mortgage insurance premiums are 59% lower than a comparable FHA Loan
Flexible Credit Requirements
Safe, Secure 30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage
No Maximum Loan Amount
With Seller Help, No Out-Of-Pocket Closing Costs
Most Property Types Allowed

If you have an existing USDA Loan you will receive the following benefits of a USDA to USDA Refinance Loan:
  • No appraisal report required and streamline approval process
  • Property valuation not considered, refinance even if the house is worth less than the current mortgage
  • Obtain an interest rate as low as 3.75% (4.088% APR)
  • Skip up to two mortgage payments
  • Roll in all closing costs and fees into the new loan
  • Receive back from your current Loan Servicer a refund of the money held in your escrow account
  • Refinance with our No Closing Cost option



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USDA Announces Increased Income Limits

Date: June 1, 2016
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The income limits for the USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing Program have increased for just a few Maryland Counties effective June 1, 2016. Income limits are based on the income for all adult (18 and over) household members, regardless of whether they will be a borrower on the loan. Maximum County income limits are based on a household size of 1 – 4 or 5 or more people residing in the household. USDA does allow for situations where the household income can exceed the maximum County income, based on certain parameters. Reference MarylandUSDA Income Calculator for an instant income evaluation on whether your income meets or exceeds USDA’s maximum County limits.

USDA’s maximum County income limits are as follows:

Household Size
Anne Arundel$96,150$126,900
Prince Georges$101,000$133,300
Queen Anne's$96,150$126,900
St Mary's$96,150$126,900

Remember that USDA does allow for the total household income to be higher than these income limits provided that certain adjustments or reduction to income can be made including:

  • Documentable childcare expenses for children age 12 and under
  • $480 per child for anyone under 18
  • $480 for any student other then one of the applicants
  • $400 for each disabled or handicapped individual who is not one of the applicants
  • Medical expenses for any elderly family member
These adjustments can be used to lower the gross household income to an amount that is less than the above mentioned maximum gross income. If you are considering financing an upcoming home purchase using a USDA loan and need assistance in calculating your adjusted gross income using USDA Rural Development Loan Income Guidelines complete the contact form or call (866) 747-2882 to speak to your local Maryland loan professional.